CFM AIR is a company with its activity focused in the aerospace sector.

It was founded in 2005 and since then it has developed many original aviation products from full scale replicas to highly innovative original designs.
It is specialized in the design, manufacturing and testing of full aero-mechanical structures in both aluminum alloy and carbon fiber materials.
Through the years it has developed a deep expertise in aeronautical carbon fiber aero structures for applications in sports and recreational aircraft and in small to medium size UAVs. CFM Air is a ISO 9001 and UNI EN 9100 certified company.

CFM AIR core business is rapid prototyping and turn-key aeronau-tical programs from initial design through flight test and production engineering.
It is specialized in the design, manufacturing, assembly and flight test of all-composite light aircraft structures for sports aviation and medium UAVs.
The company is organized around an integrated team of engineers and highly specialized technicians with more than 25 years experience in the field.


Established in November 2011 PRIMAVIS has the goal of becoming an important player in the area of innovative solutions for propulsion and efficient power generation.

Based in Turin, Italy, PRIMAVIS is active in the development of vehicle control units with high performance processors and high configurability ideal for applications that requires easy and quick integration and calibration for prototyping. Primavis is developing a high efficiency engine technologies and specifically a very efficient two strokes engine with direct injection and volumetric supercharger for automotive and other applications. A version of the engine has been studying for use as conventional propulsion in city cars, motor cycles, light airplanes, drones, ATV vehicles, light trucks, small boats, construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, stationary generators, in general for all the applications where traditionally conventional fuel (CNG, LPG, gasoline or diesel) is utilized.

PRIMAVIS is aiming at becoming a leader in the next era of fuel efficiency and clean, affordable power for niche and medium volume applications.
PRIMAVIS has gathered a team of very skilled, experienced and technically sharp individuals to develop, produce and commercialize internationally its innovative 2-Stroke engine, addressing the market needs of a low consumption, clean, light, highly efficient and low cost internal combustion engines.

PRIMAVIS is supported by its Strategic Advisory Board composed by Mr. Edoardo Fea, partner of Studio Palea S.r.l. (leading advisory firm in Italy), Mr. Claudio Siniscalco (Harborvest Director for Southern Europe), with a solid foundation in fund raising, venture capital private equity and Merger and Acquisition experience and Mr. Paolo Morfino, former CEO of Fidia S.p.A. and deep experience in the automotive business achieved in many years of activity in the Purchasing Department at Renault S.A. in France.


EFESTO is a start-up company fully dedicated to the design, development and commercialization of electric motors and drives for parallel hybrid and series hybrid powertrains for the automotive, the general aviation and the marine industry.

In particular, Efesto is currently developing a parallel hybrid powertrain unit based on the Rotax 912 and 914 engines in order to equip or retrofit ultra-light airplanes with a system that will allow to improve flight safety, achieve significant weight and noise reduction, lower fuel consumption and emissions levels. Efesto is developing all the needed electronics (Power & Control) and the software necessary to implement this innovative solution. In addition Efesto is developing an active damping integrated system operating the electric motor as compensator of the torsional vibrations generated by the propeller and the ICE.

Efesto is also involved in the development of a very light and efficient range extender for an automotive series hybrid powertrain based on an innovating split cycle internal combustion engine volumetrically supercharged with direct injection in a gasoline, diesel and dual fuel versions. Other developments include the hybridisation of the front axis of a racing rally car in order to implement in the vehicle a parallel hybrid power train and the hybridisation of a tractor with 70 kW ICE and 50 kW electric motor.


FIDIA S.p.A. is a leading Italian manufacturer of large machine tools.

FIDIA designs, manufactures and sells Numerical Controls, High Speed Milling Systems and Flexible Manufacturing System for the production of complex parts and shapes mainly for the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors.
Established in Turin in 1974, FIDIA started by designing and producing Numerical Controls for the management of sophisticated machine tools for mould machining and only in the early nineties Fidia expanded its activity by developing the first high speed milling machines. Up to now 2/3 of Fidia’s turnover comes from this business line. With three industrial sites in Italy, one Joint Venture in China and eight Subsidiaries overseas, the FIDIA Group employs ~330 people.

In nearly forty years of activity FIDIA has never abandoned its strong vocation for innovation in all its technologic fields: software, electronics and mechanics. In fact, the investments in research and development are never below 10 % of its turnover.

In the wide range of companies manufacturing machine tools, FIDIA is one of the few that still keep the design and development internally for all the machine sub-systems. In fact FIDIA design (and then produces/assembles): mechanical structure, rotary milling heads, rotary milling tables, electronic drives (both digital control logic and power electronic switching boards), Numerical Control (case, proprietary real-time board, proprietary control SW and GUI SW), tools and devices for compensating and calibrating the machine as well as auxiliary tools such as anti-collision, machine monitoring and 3+2 CAD/CAM. Up to now, FIDIA operates in two leading sectors, automotive and aerospace, and provides high quality and customisable machines and equipment that can fulfil the most sophisticated needs in precision and productivity.


D4S is a high tech company founded by Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante ( in the sector of the advanced technologies, with a strong partnership all over the world, and find its success factor in the constant transformation of the knowledge produced by applied innovation into products, technologies and services for the automotive, motorsport, the aerospace.

Dr. Eng. Sergio Durante founded and leaded the Torino E-District industrial consortium, a 10.000 people North Italian workforce targeted at the manufacturing of the future full electric automotive and aero vehicle for advanced mobility.
He is member of the Board of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing (AMRC), the most advanced facility for manufacturing technology in the world, located in Sheffield (UK), where global players as Boeing, Rolls Royce, BAE, Mori Seiki, etc. are involved.

The main activities of the company is in the design, the development, the integration, the testing and the application of advanced components and powertrain solutions for the automotive and the aerospace sectors, using the most advanced engineering tools and innovative materials (like high performance composites, exotic materials, hyperfunctionalized surfaces, nanostructured based massive and coating materials).
This target is achieved with a integrated approach that cover the design and engineering excellency and the setup of the related manufacturing technologies (intelligent and reconfigurable production systems and processing) always looking at the environmental aspects and the total life cycle approach. D4S is also able to test in extreme conditions (Nordic and desert climate) the component manufactured in advanced state of the art lab vehicles, fully equipped for endurance tests.

Thanks to the large network of customers and industrial partners, the D4S exploitation capabilities are covering also other sectors like the new renewable energy, the eco-building, the industrial application of the nanotechnology and others.
Our targeted customers and markets are large tier1 automotive and aerospace suppliers, high tech small and medium companies, and motorsport Teams.